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  Lighting Truss
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  Active FOH Speakers Price Inc Gst
4   Martin W8C Mid-Hi Speakers $2,500ea
4   Martin WSX Subs $1,500ea
6   LA 218 - Dual 18" Subs on Wheels $1,000ea
1   LA 118 - Single 18" Sub $500ea
  Passive FOH Speakers  
4   Cobra Mk1 Dual EV 15" & 1" Peavey Horn $1,000ea
2   Peavey Single 15" & 1" Horn $500ea
  Active Monitor Speakers  
6  SLP Active Wedges (sold in pairs with roadcase on wheels) $1,500pr
  Passive Monitor Speakers  
4   JBL AF42 Passive Single 15" & 1" Horn Wedges $750ea
4   Peavey Single 15" & 1" Horn Passive Wedges $600ea
2   EV FM1502 Single 15" & 1" Horn Passive Wedges $750ea
2   Etone 12" & 1" Horn Passive Wedges $300ea
  Power Amplifiers  
1   Australian Monitor K7   $650ea
  Mixing Consoles  
1   Midas Verona 40channel in Roadcase on Wheels   $10,000ea
1   Midas Verona 32channel in Roadcase on Wheels   $8,000ea
1   Soundcraft Venue 32channel in Roadcase on Wheels   $1,500ea
1   Yamaha MX200 24channel in Roadcase $500ea
1   Soundcraft K1 - 16channel in Roadcase $1,000ea
2   Phonic PMC1602A - 16channel In Roadcase $200ea
1   Peavey RQ2318 - 16channel $350ea
2   Phonic Impact 12 - 12channel $200ea
1   Phonic PMC 1202B - 12channel $200ea
1   Phonic PMC 802A - 8channel in Roadcase $250ea
1   Phonic PMC 802B - 8channel in Roadcase $150ea
1   Soundcraft Folio - 8channel $150ea
1   Arista MM4 DJ Mixer in Roadcase $100ea
1   Gemini PS700 DJ Mixer $100ea
  Digital Signal Processors  
1   Peavey CEX5LA   $500ea
  Effect Processors  
1   Lexicon PCM 70 Multi Effect Processor $1,000ea
1   Lexicon PCM 81 Multi Effect Processor $1,250ea
1   Boss DE200 Digital Delay $150ea
  Graphic Equalisers  
1   DBX 1231 Dual Channel 1/3 Octave EQ   $500ea
2   Yamaha Q2031 Dual Channel 1/3 Qctave EQ   $250ea
2   Phonic PEQ3600 Dual Channel 1/3 Qctave EQ   $150ea
1   Electrovoice EVT2230 Single Channel 1/3 Qctave EQ   $150ea
2   DBX 1046 Four Channel Compressor   $500ea
1   DBX 1066 Dual Channel Compressor   $750ea
1   DBX 266 Dual Channel Compressor   $250ea
  Tape Decks  
1   Denon DRM400 Cassette Deck $150ea
1   Teac V375 Cassette Deck   $100ea
1   Kenwood KX440HX Cassette Deck   $100ea
  CD Players  
1   Denon DN2000 MKIII Dual CD Player   $750ea
1   Denon DC-D635 CD Player $150ea
1   Denon DN610F Combo Tape/CD Player $500ea
3   Countryman Isomax Headset $250ea
3   AKG C420 Headset $150ea
5   DOD Stagehand 265 Passive DI's   $40ea
3   McLelland Passive DI's $40ea
8   Behringer Ultra D100 Active DI's $50ea
  Portable PA Systems  
1   Chiayo WA525CR Portable PA System (203.8Mhz - 202.9Mhz)
  Includes 1 M303T Beltpack on 202.9Mhz & 1 Lapel Microphone
1   Chiayo WA505CR Portable PA System (203.8Mhz)
  Includes 1 Q309 Hand Held Microphone On 203.8Mhz
12   Par 64 Cans with Lamp & Gel Frame   $70ea
8   Par 64 Raylights with Lamps & Gel Frames $50ea
6   Martin Pro 400 Colour Changers $250ea
2   Geni 1500W DMX Strobes  $150ea
2   Intellabeam 400MSR $100ea
1   12" Mirror Ball & Motor $50ea
  Lighting Consoles  
1   Jands Stagemaster 12 in Roadcase


2   Martin 2518


  Dimmer Racks  
1   Strand Minipack 12channel Analogue Dimmer $500ea
1   Jands 12channel Analogue Dimmer in Painted Wooden Sleeve $500ea
1   8RU Laminated Wooden Effect Rack with Front & Rear Lids on Wheels   $200ea
2   6RU Floating Laminated Wooden Amp Racks with Front & Rear Lids
  Wheel Plates Fitted
1   Stands / Cable Packer Laminated Wooden 1200mm x 600mm x 500mm on Wheels $350ea
1   Dual 1500W Strobe Painted Wooden Foam Lined Roadcase $100ea
2   4.6m 2 Piece Winch Up Stands $150ea
10   2m Pieces of Flat Truss $100ea
2   1/2 Tonne 6m Drop Chain Blocks $75ea
6   Flat Truss to Tree Adapters $30ea
2   Tri Truss to Tree Adapters suit 250mm Tri Truss $50ea

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Lab Gruppen Power Amplifiers
BSS Signal Processing
Shure Microphones
Jands Electronics
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